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Who Are The Piarists?

As Religious Men, we live in community and we profess the three vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience. And, according with this last one, we add a fourth vow: the education. We are a Religious Order of Solemn Vows (the last one created and alive), where most of us are Priests. We also receive Religious Brothers who do not receive the Priestly Ordination. Our habit is a black cassock with a girdle.
St. Joseph Calasanz founded our Order, first in 1617 as a Religious Congregation of Simple Vows, and on 1622 as an Order of Solemn Vows. He discovered his vocation at Rome, when he was a diocesan priest, by visiting most of the needy people. He discovered that the poor children were unable to get an education, and in this way they were not able to develop all their skills, other than most of them were prey of any kind of vices, and they didn’t know the most essential of our catholic faith. After a long time of discernment and trial, he accepted the call of God through those children.
We exist in the Church because of the Children and the Young People. We are sent to evangelize them, carrying them the light of Christ. Our Religious Consecration and our Priesthood, together with our community life, makes of us a precious instrument of grace for every person around of us. We intend to be for each child and young man, a way for receiving everlasting live.
We educate in “Piety and Literacy”. For centuries, our presence in the education of new generations has been very important. Where we cannot have schools or participate in other schools, we accomplish our Mission through parishes and other initiatives for the evangelization of children and young men.

Since 1949…

In the late 1940s many of the Piarist from the former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland emigrated to the Unites States because of the Soviet occupation of their native lands. With the help of Bishop John O’Hara of Buffalo, they stablished their first American community there on January 22, 1951. Later that year, they moved into their first permanent residence in Derby, NY. In 1952 a second community opened in Lackawanna, NY. Members of this community taught at Father Baker High School, a diocesan school.

In the meantime, Bishop O’Hara became the new Archbishop of Philadelphia. In 1954 he asked two Piarists to help in Philadelphia’s Spanish speaking parishes. In August of the same year, he allowed the Piarist community of Lackawanna to move to Philadelphia.

Also in 1954, the Piarists established a third community. With the permission of Archbishop Patrick Boyle, they opened a residence in Washington, DC. This House served as the House of Studies for Piarist seminarians.

The Piarist began their fourth endeavor on September 11, 1957. On that day Calasanctius Preparatory School opened in Buffalo with the permission of Bishop Joseph Burke. This school was open to academically gifted high school boys. The school closed on June 30, 1991.

The fifth community of Piarists was stablished in 1961 at the request of Bishop Coleman Carroll of Miami. Since this time, the Order has staffed Cardinal Gibbon High School, a diocesan school in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

On January 22, 1975 the United States Province of the Piarist Order was officially stablished. Afterward, news communities at Miami (SEPI), and Martin, Kentucky were added but for different circumstances were abandoned.

On 2011 the Province merged with the Vice-Province of New York and Puerto Rico, formed by members of the Province of Aragon, in Spain. In the Seventies they started their presence at New York, first at 2nd Street until they got the Annunciation Parish, at Manhattan, NY.

Members of the Viceprovince were called to Puerto Rico. Their first house was at Salinas, and from there they started a presence at the now called Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. They received the Colegio Ponceno, at Ponce, and they founded the Calasanz School and the Savior Parish, at San Juan. In the 80’s they started a new presence at Playa Ponce, with a Parish, School, and Formation House.

After merged, the new Province accepted St. Helena’s Parish, at the Bronx, where is also the Formation House for Theological Studies.


Fr. Fernando NegroProvincial
He is the Provincial Superior since the creation of our Province on 2011.
Fr. Francisco Aisa
Fr. Francisco AisaProvincial Assistant for Our Ministry and Vocations Director
He lives at Devon Preparatory School, and he is in charge of the Vocations in the Province.
Fr. Nelson Henao
Fr. Nelson HenaoProvincial Assistant for Initial Formation
He lives at the Bronx. He cares all our Formation House and the Initial Formation of our Candidates.
Fr. Emilio SotomayorAssistant Provincial for Our Religious Life
He lives at Ponce, and the cares about our communities and their on-going formation
Fr. John CallanProvincial Assistant for Administration and Finances
He lives at Fort Lauderdale, and he takes care of the Development Office and the Finances in our Province