Who is the son?

Who is the son?

I started to read the book of Genesis with our 9th Grade Religion Students, and obviously we paid attention to the Fall of Man, this is, the temptation and the Original Sin. Looking for the reference to Jesus, one of the students made reference to the obedience. Adam and Eve did not obey to God, but Jesus was obedient to the Father and died in a Cross. Wonderful answer!

At that point came out to my mind that question: Jesus is the beloved Son of God, and his love to the Father means to obey him in every occasion. But, when do we act as a son? Who is a real son?

The Gospel has this same question. Jesus makes reference to a father, who had two sons. One day he said to the oldest one: go into my vineyard to work, and he said: Yes, Father, I will go right now, but he never went there. The father also said to the youngest son: go into my vineyard to work, and he replied: don’t think about it. But after a while, he changed his mind and he went into the vineyard for working there. Who was the good son?, asks Jesus. When can you say that you a real son of your father? Obviously, when you obey to your father and you do as he asks from you.

And this is my conclusion: when we receive a call from God the Father to become image of his Son as a priest or as member of a Religious Congregation, vowed to him, we have to obey God and accept his vocation. And at the same time, we can be sure that when we answer this calling from God with decision, and enthusiasm, and with all our heart, then we are as the beloved son who is in our nature. The love of God, then, casts out any fear and we are confirmed in doing the right thing.

Holy Virgin Mary answered Yes to the plan of God she knew through the Angel. May we all receive light from Her, and with her intercession may we be also a complete Yes to the plan of God over us.

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